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Siyaxoxa – Dialogues for Primary School

A teacher’s aid that can be copied for pupils as needed.
Siyaxoxa contains simple dialogues on all the common primary school themes.

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Amagama Amasha – Wordlist

Amagama amasha – Beginner’s Wordlist
A helpful vocabulary list which will assist learners to build up a basic vocabulary.
Contains all commonly used verbs, nouns in themes, commonly used adverbs and conjunctions.
Themes include clothes, food, nature and objects.


Amagama amasha – Advanced Wordlist

Amagama amasha – Advanced Wordlist
Similar to the beginner’s list, but with themes suitable for a higher level, for example politics, crime, social issues, problems, teen issues and travel.


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Funda ngokubuka – Pictures and questions

A book that uses pictures – not passages – and asks questions.
Good to use for oral exercises.
Suitable for high school.

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Funda ngokudweba – Picture dictionary

This vocabulary book allows little ones to colour while they learn.
Words are arranged in themes.

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Amaphazeli – Puzzles

A puzzle book featuring crossword puzzles, match the columns, riddles (iziphicaphicwano) and other word games.
Great for when you just want a fun lesson.
The teacher can copy these for her classes.

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Thola amagama – Word Searches

This puzzle book contains word searches of varying levels.
Useful for teaching vocabulary, but also for advanced learners who move through class work faster.
An answer book is also available for the teacher.

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Lalelani Kahle! – Listening Comprehensions

This book is aimed at primary school learners. It contains simple 5 to 6 line passages with True-or-False or multiple choice questions. Passages are read twice by a mother tongue speaker and then the learners are given typed questions. All questions have marks allocated, so these can be used as tests.

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Masixoxe – Dialogue Book

Dialogues at a high school level featuring themes appropriate for teenagers.

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Siyakha amagama – Vocabulary Building

A vocabulary building puzzle book for grades 1 to 3.

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Uhlelo – Grammar Workbook

This workbook revises all grammar from grade 8-11 and includes many exercises as well as questions from old exam papers. With many practice exercises this is a very useful tool to work through before tackling the finals, or just to make sure students are on track with grammar.

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