Zulu Readers (High School)

I-Dayari yeNhlakanipho (Nhlakanipho’s Diary)

A reader suitable for grade 8 and 9 learners. Nhlakanipho is a typical 15 year old boy attending a suburbian school. His parents get divorced and to deal with his emotional turmoil his councillor advises him to keep a diary. Follow his thoughts and feelings as he overcomes his anger and teenage angst.This reader is printed in full colour.
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Ezabasha (The Youth)

Ezabasha means “of the youth” and is a collection of 10 short stories written with teenagers in mind.Sometimes the topics of the literature that we as teachers are using for our teens are a bit old fashioned.Ezabasha deals with real modern day issues such as adapting to change, teen relationships, drugs, being gay and even being a so called “coconut”.The style of writing is casual and aimed at first additional language learners in grade 8 and 9.

The various themes include:
Izingane nokukhula, Ukuziphatha, Usugar-daddy, Ukukhulelwa, Ukuphuza nokusebenzisa izidakamizwa, Unyaka 2010, Amaqhawe aseNingizimu Afrika, Imfundo, i-social grant yokubhekelwa kwezingane eziyizintandane.

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Kumnandi Ukufunda

This reader has been compiled with stories suitable in content and grammar for Grade 7 pupils. It has eight different two page stories.
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